Selling houses is a bit of an art form. Actually, let me put that another way, selling houses successfully is an undeniable art!

Let’s face it, success for vendors when it comes to selling property means achieving the best possible price at the end of the day.

So, we consulted…

When things are going well in the world of real estate, it seems that everyone wants to hang a shingle on their door proclaiming to be an expert on all thing’s property investment.

And the current relatively buoyant stage of the property cycle we find ourselves in is no exception.

All of us are guilty of a few bad financial habits.

After all, no one is perfect and rarely are any of these bad habits alone enough to sink us financially.

But add them up and over time these small leaks can sink your financial ship faster than you can…

Part 1: Applying life lessons to ‘close the deal’

Thoughtful and well-played negotiation is critical for buyers and sellers of real estate.

In this two-part series I will explain the intricacies of negotiation because getting this aspect of your investment journey right can pay a number of dividends, whilst getting it wrong can have a costly, long-term impact on…

Does Commercial Property make a good investment for me?

In many cases, I believe that the answer may be YES. Perhaps a better question to ask may be “When is the right time to invest in Commercial Property?

You see there are many different aspects and considerations you need to…

Leasing out commercial premises can be a challenge in a slower market, as can attracting the right tenant.

That’s where leasing incentives come into play and can make all the difference.

Leasing incentives came about late last decade when the wind went out of the commercial market’s sails.

Director of…

It can seem like commercial landlords need to speak a whole other language but the lingo isn’t that hard to translate.

Getting a commercial lease agreement right from the beginning is crucial because rent returns have the potential to make or break the success of commercial property investment and lease…

Small mistakes can often snowball into larger problems when it comes to property transactions.

Sometimes as a property investor you can make a mistake, pay the price and then just move on. Other times the problem hangs around to haunt you.

A case in point is an investor made was…

In a recent blog I’ve been looking at the impact of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on subdividing the land of your family home.

Moving on from last month where we looked at subdividing and then selling the vacant land, this month I’m going to look at subdividing and then building…

Some ten­ants are feel­ing misled by land­lords who are try­ing to max­im­ise their profit by hir­ing a real estate agent only to advert­ise their prop­erty, pre­fer­ring to self man­age from there on.

As a land­lord, there’s noth­ing wrong with try­ing to max­im­ise your profit depend­ing of course on how you…

Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney is a #1 bestselling author & a leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth creation Sharing stories on Success, Property & Money

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