Conveyancing Part 1: What you should know

What is conveyancing?

When would you engage a conveyancer?

What does a conveyancer undertake for the purchaser?

  1. Review the Contract and suggest contracts amendments to benefit the Purchaser.
  2. Reviews Strata Reports for Special levies and proposed expenses.
  3. Reviews Pest & Building reports with the Inspectors.
  4. Arranges Land Boundary Identification surveys.
  5. Any Easements or covenants affecting the Title, Drainage lines preventing extensions.
  6. Any government proposals to acquire the land considered by the Purchaser, e.g. Rail, road or education proposals.
  7. Deposit lodge in the Trust.
  8. Calculate Settlement figures after adjustments for Council, Water and Strata levies etc.
  9. Liaise with the incoming Bank and their Mortgage requirements.
  10. Establish the Identity of the Purchasers and ensure the Vendor identity is correct.

What does a conveyancer undertake for a seller?

  1. Ensure a valid Contract is drawn and ready to use when marketing the property commences.
  2. Answer any Contract requested changes.
  3. Arrange the Title and discharge of Mortgage.



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