Negotiating and handling offers

  • The research phase: This is where buyers are looking at both the area and the types of home and lifestyle choices available to them.
  • The finance phase: This is where buyers have qualified for a loan and know what they can spend and are now trying to find the best value home for their money.
  • The decision phase: Where buyers are short-listing homes and making offers to try and buy one.

Handling offers

Every real estate agent knows that a buyer’s first offer is probably not their last offer.

Conditional offers

Some buyers have a range of conditions that they wish to impose on the seller in order to place their offer.

Responding to objections

Much of an agent’s discussion with buyers is around the home they’ve seen and whether it’s a good fit or not.

Opening negotiations

Buyers will often inspect a home and ask, “What is the lowest price the owners will take?”

Bargain hunters

Every home for sale will attract its share of bargain hunters –buyers who are prepared to buy any house as long as the price is low.

A bird in the hand

You put your house on the market and seven buyers express interest.



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Michael Yardney

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